Raw Pumpkin Pie

RAW recipe; Raw Cranberry Relish
Raw = uncooked
This pumpkin pie is incredible! Raw pumpkin pie doesn’t sound appealing right? Wrong! This is not the regular baked custard pie but more a pumpkin pudding (goop). The sweetness comes from the dates and persimmon and NO regular SUGAR. I love adding grated ginger to the filling because it adds flavorful spice and cures an upset stomach. The crust is even healthy and fantastic made of fruit, nuts, and agua.  I cannot gush enough about how wonderfully delicious this pie is.
1 cup pitted dates
2 cups (16 oz) any nuts
Water if needed

Pumpkin filling:
3 cups pumpkin puree
15 pitted dates
1 persimmon (mushy)
1 tsp-1 TB cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice
Ginger (optional)

Puree both parts as much as possible, pour into crust, and chill
Very sweet, no regular sugar needed; guilt free!
Add as much spices as you desire, I suggest 1 tsp-1TB

I made this pie again today but used 2 fresh apricots instead of persimmons because they’re out of season.  Fresh apricots tasted great or you could use fresh peaches!

I first used a blender to try and puree but it didn’t go so well.  Then I broke out my immersion (stick) blender which worked marvelously!  So much better; so I would use an immersion blender, food processor, or a high power blender (unlike mine) to whip up.  I added some water to help the puree along.  If it comes to this point, try to add as little water as possible so the custard is thick

Raw Pumpkin Pie - The Kitchen Bistro

Pumpkin pie and ginger spices

Pumpkin pie and ginger spices

The "custard" pumpkin pie filling without the crust

The “custard” pumpkin pie filling without the crust