Storyville Queen Anne(2) 5-6-14

[Budget-able healthy recipes]

I love trying and creating new recipes; a healthier lifestyle
I focus around nutritionism, using more whole wheat flour, and creating recipes around a budget
Culinary and traveling are my 2 biggest loves

Random facts about me:

My hometown is Sacramento
I attended Le Cordon Bleu College of the Culinary Arts
Currently studying a Nutrition degree
Bohemian and gypsy style
Enjoy hanging out at coffee joints
Brunches are a delight
I love researching food trends like vegan and gluten-free
Enjoy yoga, pilates, kickboxing, and meditation
I collect cookbooks, new and old (the more vintage-ey they look, the better)
I call the refrigerator “the icebox”

Favorite things:

hiking/going for walks
computers and techie stuff
learning languages (French and Spanish)
anything French I’m obsessed with


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